5 Reasons House and Land Packages Are Popular

House and land packages make home buying much easier than ever before. As a result, buying manufactured homes has risen in popularity. While buying existing homes and constructing custom homes are still popular alternatives, utilising house and land packages opens an entirely new market and set of opportunities for home buyers.

Today we look at why manufactured homes and house and land packages are growing in popularity.

1. Lot Selection Is Easy

The moment you know where you want to build and pick out a lot of land, the process of building a home gets easier. With a lot of land in hand, you can fine tune the available options of homes you can build. Often times, picking out where you want to live is the most critical part of your new home construction and can make the rest of the process much easier.

2. Customisable

While not as unique as creating your home from scratch, house and land packages offer a great balance between unique designs and affordability. New home builders are capable of making customisations and alterations to your home, depending on the style and layout. You can always ask your home builder about whether or not an alteration can be done. As long as you ask early on in the construction phase, the better chance you have at seeing the customisations you’ve always wanted in a home.

3. Affordable

Compared to designing a new home from scratch, house and land packages can be an affordable alternative while still getting the same options as other quality homes. House and land packages are much more efficient as home builders already have experience building that style of home.

4. Interior Options

While the layouts of most house and land packages are fixed, with minor alterations, the interiors of your new home have the ultimate level of customisation. On top of that, most home builders that specialise in house and land packages also specialise in each style’s interior design. Indigo Homes offers three different tiers of inclusions based on style and budget.

5. Quick Construction

Custom homes have a tendency to take a long time to build. House and land packages, however, can be built at a much quicker rate because home construction companies already have experience building the home, know where difficult construction areas will be and will have a team of professionals working together.

Are you ready to see why house and land packages are popular among new home builders? Give us a call or contact us today to get started! We’ll answer any of your questions and can even help you pick out a style of home that is perfect for you and your family. Stop in at any of our display homes and get a taste of what Indigo Homes can do for you.

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