Word of Mouth


A lot of our continued sales are from repeat clients or satisfied clients referring us to their family and friends. As our way of saying thank you for this recommendation, we’re offering a Word of Mouth bonus.

The Bonus:

If you recommend us to a family or friend and they build with us, you will receive $1000 and they will receive an upgrade to 900mm kitchen appliances or equivalent for their new build.


The Details:

To apply for this, both parties must let Indigo Homes know that this is a ‘Word of Mouth’ sale so we are aware that the offer has been activated. This must occur at the stage of initial deposit.
Once the person being recommended has signed their contract and the build has reached the slab stage, the $1000 will be paid to the previous client that recommended us. The upgrades will be included in the contract for the person building their new home.


To avoid people manipulating this system, we sadly have to say no.

However if you keep a written record and the person building lets us know you recommended them, if you build with Indigo Homes in the future, a complimentary upgrade to 900mm appliances will be included in your contract.

No, sorry.
This offer is only relevant during the pre-construction stage for the person being recommended as it’s designed to reward both parties. If we were to retro-actively offer this bonus to people we may go out of business!

We will provide you with an allowance for the same value to spend towards your colours or upgrades as you wish.

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