Live big and
bring the outside in
– specialist designs for acreage living

Live big and
bring the outside in
– specialist designs for acreage living

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    Acreage House Designs

    You don’t have to know everything about building an acreage design house. a professional and experienced builder can help you traverse the building process to maximize the potential of your home.

    Why Indigo Homes

    Award winning designs. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that are happy to help. Experienced acreage builder and highly customisable designs. 

    Acreages save you money!

    We provide a seamless process and a huge range of quality designs to choose from to make creating your new home easy and fool-proof. We help you fast-track council approvals so you can enjoy your dream home in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast, in record time!

    Avoid the common property mistakes and save yourself thousands of dollars

    A small lot is any block of land with 10m or less frontage or less than 450m2, with the exception being battle-axe lots which can be up to 600m2 and still be considered a small lot. Most subdivided lots are considered a small lot.

    Many small lots have a large amount of infrastructure built around them as they’re in inner-city locations or newer suburbs. It’s a great way to have a city lifestyle or start becoming part of your local community.

    You will have more time to enjoy your new lifestyle as your home will require less maintenance or upkeep in your day to day life.

    This depends a lot on your desired block of land, as each block will have different requirements and variables that we need to address. However generally any floorplan with a 10m or less frontage is acceptable.
    It really comes down to your block of land and location. Provisions for site access, traffic control, retaining and more can add additional costs. However, with a preliminary assessment we can determine any additional costs. You can relax knowing what to expect throughout the building process.
    It’s as easy as contacting the office directly or filling out our Contact Us form on our website. One of our friendly and helpful team members will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and give you useful information and guidance. You can also download our Small lot e-book as an initial guide to get you started.
    Building your own home allows the opportunity for you to create a space that is unique to your style and needs. Not only will you have a beautifully personalized home, you will have the freedom to decorate it as you choose because you own the home!Whereas with townhouses or apartments, you may not own the full block only having a share in the land, if you own it at all. You may also have additional costs including body corporate fees.Houses generally appreciate more than either townhouses or apartments meaning while they can be initially more expensive, they give a larger return in the future.

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