Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

Indigo Homes understands the importance of aligning ourselves with the best suppliers who can deliver the same quality and service we provide to our customers.

We value loyalty and are proud of the fact that we still maintain relationships with a number of key suppliers who have been in partnership with Indigo Homes since inception.

Indigo Homes recognises that part of being an excellent business is having good support behind you, and that sometimes the best suppliers aren’t the cheapest. We select our suppliers based on a number of factors including; service, quality of product, price, warranty periods, and after sales service. We believe this is critical to providing our customers with the best product and experience, continuing well after moving into a new Indigo Home.

Satisfaction at handover...

"We would certainly recommend Indigo Homes to anyone. No stress at all. Thankyou so much, we love our new home."
David & Margaret
St Lucia 305 - Rochedale

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