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Why knock down and rebuild?

You can avoid the hassles, stress, and expense of moving, stay in the community you have nurtured, and live in a brand new, energy efficient, modern home, without paying stamp duty, removal costs, or agents’ fees.

Who We Are....

Indigo Homes is not just a business; it’s a team of people.

We are a team of people who work together to design and build the perfect home for you.

As with any business, the team is its most valuable asset they have. So when it comes to staff, we recruit well, train and educate, and encourage our staff to be their best.

Nearly all of our staff have been here from the beginning, which means the team knows what the company stands for, the standard that is expected each time, every time, and the industry experience that is second to none.

The result is that individually, the Indigo team are all highly qualified in their field (each one of us has a tertiary qualification in each of our field of expertise), and collectively, we are a cohesive unit.

Indigo people are trustworthy, caring, reliable, happy, down-to-earth and enthusiastic, but most importantly for you, we are very professional and very good at what we do.

We Design...

At Indigo, our range of over 60 house designs cater to all sizes and shapes of families, lifestyles, land, environments, and budgets. We also offer a degree of flexibility in alterations to make sure the design you choose is the perfect fit for you.

We Build...

To display standard finish. Every time. Our construction supervisors are often described as pedantic perfectionists, and they expect the same from our sub-contractors. Our sub-contractors are all high quality tradespeople, who carry all relevant licences and insurances.

We Create...

A memorable experience for our clients. For most of us, building a home is one of our largest investments, not just of money. Time, effort, and emotion are invested from the moment you first imagine your new home, to when you put your feet up until you unpack the last box! Several of our staff have built or own homes with Indigo.

The Details....

Indigo Homes Pty Ltd is a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001, registered in Queensland on 4th June 2003. The QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) is the statutory authority which regulates the industry under the Queensland Building Sevices Authority Act 1999.


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