Indigo Homes - Your home, your style. Let us help you create your dream home.

Let us help you create your home.

Your home, your style. Let us help you create your home.

At Indigo Homes we take great pride in our designs. We are committed to providing quality, functional designs popular with our clients, and this has been reflected in the industry recognition we have received.
Our range of over 60 house designs cater to all sizes and shapes of families, lifestyles, land, environments, and budgets.  We also offer a degree of flexibility in alterations to make sure the design you choose is the perfect fit for you.

We constantly review and monitor customer feedback, new innovations in materials and inclusions, industry best-practice, government legislation, and Australian Standards to ensure we deliver a range of house designs that are contemporary, relevant, functional, and stylish.

Many of our designs feature sustainablility design options above and beyond industry standard,  including recycled waste management on-site and passive solar design with attention to cross flow ventilation

Our design criteria include, functionality, zoned living areas, passive energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, outdoor living and entertaining to name just a few.

You can be assured many years of experience in building and planning have gone into the Indigo Homes range.

Our House Design Range Across Gold Coast and Brisbane

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