7 Advantages of Buying House and Land Packages

Buying a house and land package in Brisbane offers a number of advantages over buying an existing home. Building a new home from the ground up gives you the opportunity to build the dream house you’ve always wanted, but when combining it together as a house and land package, you will maximise your potential.

Advantages of buying house and land packages

1. Get a property that exactly suits your needs. Buying a house and land package gives you a wide range of options to build your perfect home. When buying an already existing property you have a set structure to work within that may not meet your needs. But when you choose a house and land package, everything is designed as you want it. You are only restricted by your imagination.

2. It will be energy efficient with modern technology. Most new home designs offer the added benefit of being very energy efficient, resulting in lower costs for you as long as you remain in the house. Indigo Homes designs include passive energy efficiency and zoned living areas to maximise your ability to reduce your energy usage. We also offer a range of excellent inclusions that represent modern technology at an affordable price.

3. Single contract, easier to manage. By combining the purchase of house and land, it reduces the amount of paperwork necessary, meaning that you only have to go through the process once. There is also less decision making involved as you can be guaranteed that the house is designed to suit the land. Indigo Homes house and land packages in Brisbane have been hand picked by experts to represent the pairing of design and features that work together.

4. Cost effective to buy house and land together, comes with builders warranty. Purchasing the two together can reduce fees, such as solicitor and bank fees. In addition, they come with builders insurance, which means that if anything goes wrong (within limitations) you are covered.

5. Avoid stamp duty, as well as lower maintenance costs. New homes do not attract stamp duty, which can add a significant amount to the price of purchasing a home. They will also have lower costs as there will be less work involved in maintaining them.

6. Can lock in construction and land prices. This is particularly beneficial in a rising property market. You are able to set the construction and land prices at the time of the contract, meaning that you could end up with a property worth more than what you paid for it, assuming there is an increase in the value.

7. Makes a great investment, makes it easy to attract tenants. In a market flooded with rental properties, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. If you’re looking to make an investment then a new home in Brisbane represents great value, as they are likely to be more attractive to tenants than established properties that could be very old.

It’s hard to deny that house and land packages represent value for money, while offering high quality and excellent inclusions.

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