Display Home Investment Opportunity

Guaranteed 7% per annum return!

Indigo Homes offers two brand new display homes to be constructed in Brisbane/Gold Coast corridor’s premium lifestyle estate at Gainsborough Greens, Pimpama.

The opportunity is available to lock in today at current prices and earn significant return, then at the end of the display village term, either move in to your new home or on-sell and reap any potential gain.

These homes represent Indigo Homes’ quality and design excellence and as such are fitted out with high quality materials and inclusions both internally and externally.

Expected completion late July 2015.

  • In addition to the 7% per annum guaranteed rental return, the benefits of owning an Indigo Homes display include:-

Indigo Homes will be the perfect tenant, with the home fully maintained internally and externally, including landscaping – no cleaning and maintenance expense, and no need for a property manager!
Building and Contents Insurance and utility charges are no cost to you as they are all covered by Indigo Homes!
All of the luxurious designer options are included in your purchase.
Stamp duty is only payable on the land component of the property – this can save you thousands!
Lease term of up to 24 months.
Tax benefits apply through depreciable items within the home.
Likely to attract quality tenants and a premium rent once it is no longer leased by Indigo Homes, or you may want to move into your beautiful new home yourself!

The Offer

The proposed new Indigo Homes Display Homes to be built in the magnificent Mirvac Gainsborough Greens estate are:-

Lot 741 Swan Rd., Gainsborough Greens

Grenadines 225


$673.00 per week rental return


Lot 742 Swan Rd., Gainsborough Greens

Pacific 221


$672.00 per week rental return

The Gainsborough Greens Vision

The ultimate in comtemporary living, with over 65% open space.

Gainsborough Greens is a Mirvac community providing living solutions within a natural bush environment where over 65% of the development site is dedicated to extensive green open spaces.

The Gainsborough Greens environment will include:-

Walking trails and bikeway linkages;

  • Conservation areas;
  • Golf course and parklands;
  • Fishing ponds and wetlands promoting birdlife and
  • Sports ovals and playground areas.

Taking cues from it’s Pimpama home, Gainsborough Greens focuses on preserving its inherited lush green backdrop and forging strong community ties.  The expected growth of Pimpama is recognised, but into this Mirvac has designed a project that will see a series of vibrant and distinctive landscaped villages where people will have a housing choice whilst being part of a community that values the environment, security and harmony.

United by this, residents of Gainsborough Greens will benefit from a lifestyle solution that provides an everyday escape – an opportunity to live locally, enjoy the best of both Brisbane and the Gold Coast but also provides immediate and tangible recreational facilities and amenities that allow a home to be more than just a place to live.

To find out more about this fantastic opportunity, you can contact us by…

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