From the sales floor: What customers want

Last week we brought you the news that two brand new Indigo display homes have opened their doors in Rochedale, south of Brisbane. The compact Caribbean 281 and Indigo’s flagship home, the Sierra Grande, are open in Francis Avenue.

The homes are proving a hit already – and providing an insight into what today’s customers are looking for when they’re building a new home.

One thing’s for sure – there is no shortage of customers. Michael Filer, sales consultant at Rochedale, said “it’s like Brisbane Railway Station here”, it’s so busy.

Competitive pricing and choice

It goes without saying that every customer is different – and, therefore, every customer has a different budget. But, whatever the budget, all customers have one thing in common: they want the price to be competitive.

“People want competitive pricing – and pricing that can suit all budgets,” said Michael. “They also want total move-in prices.”

Indigo offers two options for this: a ‘move in’ option, where everything is ready to go except the turf and fencing, or a ‘full turn key’ option, which includes some landscaping, turf laying and fencing.

“People want transparency, they want to build with full disclosure and no hidden costs

A changing market

The home building market is changing. There are fewer big traditional blocks and lots more smaller blocks.

“People are looking for convenience and a block that doesn’t have too much yard with it,” said Michael. “People are more interested in smaller blocks and we’ve got single and double-storey homes to fit these. Our Caribbean 281 display home, for example, is only 6.5m wide, so it can fit on a 10m block quite easily.”

The other home on display at Rochedale is the 300msq Sierra Grande, which is available in five sizes. “If you like the Sierra Grande and have a specific block size, we can still build it,” said Michael. “Not many builders offer that.”

Indigo Homes: award-winning builders

Customers are also looking for reassurance. Reassurance that the builder has a good reputation, and reassurance that their home will be built with no issues along the way.

“The fact that Indigo Homes has been around for a long time reassures people,” explained Michael. “We’ve won 15 awards, and two of them are national awards. Seeing our awards reassures people they are building with a reputable builder.”

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