Is it Better to Rent, Buy, or Build?

As you’re shopping around for a new home, it can feel overwhelming at first when you try to decide the best course of action. With so many options available on the market today, between renting, buying, and building a home, where do you begin? Knowing which option is best for you can help you have a better peace of mind as you search the market and move into your new home.

At Indigo Homes, we will help you uncover the best option for you and your family, no matter where in Brisbane that you are.

What are your priorities?

Before you consider moving into any new place, you should always know what your priorities and requirements are out of any living space. Do you have children? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Is large yard space important? Do you want to live close to the city or in a quieter neighbourhood? How close to the coast do you want to be?

Always make sure to understand what your personal and family needs are before shopping around for housing options. By knowing what you need, you can filter out all the options that you won’t need. 


Renting an apartment or home can be a great way to get a feel for the city without putting down permanent roots there. Renting is usually, but not always, the cheaper option between renting, buying and building. However, by renting, you don’t completely own the property you are living in, even if you live there for years. Customisation options are much more restricted when compared to buying or building a home.

If you are considering building a home, renting a place nearby is a great option as you want for your dream home to be completed.


Buying a home is a permanent solution for living when compared to renting. When you buy a home, it’s yours, and you are not just temporarily “borrowing” it. This is a great option for families that do not have the time to wait for building their dream home and need to get settled in sooner, rather than later. This is common among families that make a transition because of a career.

When shopping around, consider house and land packages. House and land packages are a package deal that allows you to purchase both the land and the house on top of it. In some cases, you buy the land and then build upon it, while in others the house is already built.


Building is by far the most customisable option available to any family looking to start a new life. Whether you need to expand the size of your home to accommodate a growing family, Indigo Homes has years of experience in helping you construct the home of your dreams. As a new home builder, we can help curate the perfect home for you.

You can visit our many display homes. Brisbane is home to many happy clients who have worked with us throughout the years. When you visit our display homes, you get to see exactly what our quality workmanship looks and feels like. Anytime you visit, you can ask our friendly staff any questions about our building process, our home designs, or for advice on creating your perfect home.

Indigo Homes is a professional, local home designing and building company that serves the communities of Brisbane. We help individuals and families find their dream home. Give us a call or contact us today!

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