Narrow Block Design Hacks

Open Plan living styles work very well when building on narrow blocks. Because space can be limited, open plan living often means saving on hallways and internal walls. Maximising the sense of space by having an open plan kitchen and living area that seamlessly flows into the adjoining outdoor entertaining area.. Click through to view some of our styles such as the

Esprit  –

or the Malibu  –

 Create a sense of space. Another handy hint when building on narrow blocks is to enhance the sense of space with elevated ceilings. An elevated ceiling increases your overall area without increasing your footprint, creating the illusion that the area is much larger than it may be.

Create avenues for as much light into your home as possible. Natural light will help increase a sense of space and help bring the outdoors inside your home. Elongated windows or sliding doors in key locations can make all the difference in making your home feel like your own personal mansion. For those internal areas, solar tubes or skylights allow for plenty of natural light while maintaining privacy from your neighbours.Additional tips for this can be found in our small lot guide.   

Plan, plan, and plan again. it is imperative to think about the details. Things like the layout of your rooms, hallway, and how you will use your new home.
These elements really affect the overall build and outcome of your end product. There are some great apps where you can plan the layout of  your furniture to get the most out of your space. When planning it is also essential to envision yourself walking through the space so your house flows and you aren’t dodging and weaving around your furniture

Two-storey house. If budget permits, go for a two storey house. This is a great way to maximise your floor plan and get more bang for your buck. The added floor allows for family to come together or find their own personal oasis within the house for additional privacy. It will also allow more space for a garden and even a swimming pool, perfect for our climate and love of outdoor living.
Click through to view some of our double storey styles such as

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