What You Need to Know About House and Land Packages

A house and land package is a familiar term among most home buyers and home builders. If you happen to be in the market for either building or purchasing a home, you’ll want to understand exactly what a house (or home) and land package is, what the benefits are and how it may be related to you and your situation.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about house and land packages and a few common questions that will likely arise as you review them.

1. What exactly is a house and land package?

When you’re planning to purchase or construct a custom home, a house and land package will be defined in one of two ways:

a) When referring to a piece of land that is purchased with the sole intention of constructing a custom home on it. Typically, home building companies go this route to purchase land, build their own custom designed homes with the goal of selling it to a home buyer later on.

b) For a family looking to construct a specialised home with a specific layout, they’ll purchase a piece of land and hire a building team to design and construct their home. The primary goal is not to sell, but to use the home with their own preferred features and designs.

2. What’s the difference between buying a house and buying a house and land package?

The biggest difference between buying a stand-alone house and a house and land package in Brisbane is that you get to have more flexibility as to what goes into your home with house and land packages.

With a house and land package, you get to choose the specific piece of land that you work with and get to custom build the home from the ground up, including all of the special features that go inside and around your home.

Purchasing a home on its own, however, means that you have to be happy with the home as it is. For some, this is completely satisfactory, but others may prefer to have complete freedom and flexibility over the place that they will reside in. 

Opting for house and land packages means that you’ll also start the first years with fewer repairs and maintenance costs, saving you money upfront.

3. What are the biggest benefits of house and land packages?

While there are many benefits of a house and land package, listed below are a few of the most prominent benefits:

  • Control over the location of your new home.
  • Ultimate flexibility in the architecture, home design, interior design, utility control, and more.
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs.
  • Access to newer, more efficient and durable resources.
  • Ability to utilise more advanced technologies (electronics, installation equipment, HVACs, appliances, etc.)
  • And many more!

4. How can I find house and land packages in my area?

Once you’ve decided that house and land packages are ideal for your situation, you can contact local new home builders in your area. They will be able to assist you with identifying your specific needs and will locate a piece of land, or house and land package, that meets them.

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