Benefits to Buying a Display Home

This is where there is an advantage in buying a display home in Brisbane. Oftentimes when a display home is being sold, you will enter into a leaseback agreement with the original builder where they will rent out the home for a specified period.

Advantages of buying a display home

  • Quality. When a builder wants to advertise their homes and designs to potential buyers they will often build a display home to showcase their work. As a result, display homes are likely going to be of the highest quality available in the market for new homes. And while the original builder is leasing the property, they are going to keep it in pristine condition as it is their key marketing and sales tool. Therefore you won’t have to worry about messy or careless tenants not taking good care of your investment.

  • Best Features. As the display homes in Queensland are used to show off the best work of a builder, they will also often have the best features available. This could include premium appliances, landscaping, outdoor entertaining areas, and possibly even a pool. They often show all the available upgrades for a buyer. Also, they are likely be in a great location, with other similar homes (maybe other display homes) in close proximity.

  • Guaranteed Return. One of the main benefits of buying a display home in Queensland is the leaseback agreement that you will enter in to with the original builder. This is usually for a period of at least two years, and will guarantee you a return on the property for that period. This is a big advantage over a typical tenancy arrangement, where the lease is usually only for 12 months, with no guarantee that it will continue. Which means you’ll have to go through the arduous task of finding tenants every year. You could outsource this to a property manager, but that is just an additional cost.

  • High Rental Yield. Not only are you guaranteed the return for the period of the leaseback agreement, but the return that you’ll get is usually above market rate, making a display home a fantastic investment opportunity. This will allow you to pay off a significant amount of your mortgage in the first few years, potentially saving you thousands in interest.

By choosing a display home, you’ll take some of the worry out of the big decision to buy an investment property. The benefits are significant, and you’ll have a top quality property to call your own.

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