Tips for Deciding on Your New Home Design

Follow these helpful tips to make the decision making process as easy as possible.

New Home Design Tips:

  • Style and plan/layout. First of all you’ll need to decide on the sort of style that you would like your new home to be. There are almost endless designs to choose from, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Whether you’re more interested in the modern and sleek look, or possibly a more traditional style, there will be a design to suit your needs. This will often influence the plan and layout of your home. Open plan living is extremely popular now, and most new home designs in Queensland will be laid out this way.
  • Single vs. Double-storey. This decision goes hand-in-hand with the style and layout. You’ll need to consider the practical aspect of this decision in the first instance, including whether the land you’re building on can be well utilised for a single or double storey home. Once you know that you have the option, you’ll have to consider the sort of living style that suits you most. For older couples a single storey might make it easier to get around. But for a big family, a double storey home probably makes more sense as it offers significantly more space.
  • Zoning regulations and building requirements. An important part of any construction or building project is to know what you’re allowed to build on your land. Depending on your location, there are certain zoning and building requirements that must be adhered to. These can vary quite substantially, even from suburb to suburb, so speak to someone at the local council to make sure you aren’t violating any of these regulations.
  • Colour scheme. Now you can start thinking about the fun stuff! Deciding on a colour scheme will be influenced by the style of home design that you’ve chosen, and you should try to keep it consistent throughout your home. If you’re having trouble deciding what to choose, consider visiting a display home to get an idea of what it will look like. A lot of people have trouble visualising what how the finished product will look, so this will be a great help. You could also consider visiting a paint shop or hardware store to see what sort of colours are popular.
  • Don’t let the stress of trying to choose the design for your new home overshadow the excitement. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to take some of the doubt out of your decision.

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