Do You Want Your New Home To Be Exactly What Your Family Needs?

Building a house, as opposed to buying an existing house, is one way to ensure that you get a home that fits your family’s needs.

It can also mean the house is energy-efficient and benefits from modern technology in areas such as home wiring; like the homes being built by Indigo Homes and their subcontractors.

Factors to consider

You are able to choose from designs that you can touch and see rather than designing from scratch. During the construction of your new home this should result in a more predictable and less stressful experience, as you know what to expect.

Buying a house and land package rather than buying the house and land separately offers several advantages, as follows:

There is only one contract when you purchase a package so it makes it easier for you to manage and it reduces the paperwork and there is usually less upfront cost involved.

There is also less decision making involved as most of the decisions would have already been made regarding the design and placement of the house on the property selected.

However, there are some decisions to be made when purchasing a house and land package. The most important one is to ensure that you are dealing with a professional new home builder with a solid reputation and a professional sales staff who will work closely with you throughout the buying process. Secondly, resolve not to rush. You should take your time to consider all facets of your purchase and ask a lot of questions. Remember, the more information you have the easier it would be to eliminate any doubts you might have.


House and land packages may not always be cheaper than buying an existing home because while you’ll pay less in stamp duty (you only have to pay it on the land; not the house), you will have to pay infrastructure fees and GST.

But, on the positive side, cost overruns shouldn’t affect house and land package construction. However, finding out that a site is more complex than at first glance, or a buyer requesting changes during the construction, might increase costs. It is advised that homebuyers and builders should stay in touch, agree to any variations and keep written records of the agreement and the cost. Buyers are also warned that the end result might not match what was on display or what they saw in the brochure.

House and land package buyers should also know that selling their house for a profit might be difficult in the short term, as the developer continues to offer new homes in the neighbourhood at competitive prices.


However, there’s nothing wrong with buying a house and land package if that’s what you really want … but you should to be sure this is where you want to live for the next 10 to 20 years. With your new home you can plan for the future with confidence, with no major repair bills and no replacement costs for years to come. 

So, if your dream is to buy a brand new home you could well find yourself looking at house and land packages as an option. Indigo Homes are Brisbane home builders covering Ipswich, Sunshine and the Gold Coast areas. Contact us for information and pricing on our house and land packages.

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