Indigo Compacts: A façade for everyone

Whatever your taste when you’re building a new home, there is sure to be a façade for you.

Indigo’s compact homes are all about clever design for the modern smaller lot – but that design comes down to good looks as well.

Each of Indigo’s 15 compact home designs has a choice of three façades. So, whether it’s ultra-modern, angular, lots of windows or simplicity you’re after, there’s a choice for every single Indigo Compact.

A simple change of façade results in a completely different looking house.

The Caribbean 248: Popular and stylish

Indigo’s most popular compact home is the Caribbean 248 – winner of the Small Lot Housing category at the 2010 Master Builders Association’s Brisbane Region Housing and Construction Awards.

Internally, the Caribbean 248’s cost-efficient design and huge open plan living area is to thank for its popularity. But externally, its choice of three façades means it caters for everyone.

Each façade features the double garage door at the front, with large windows to the family room above. But changes to the windows, the pitch of the roof and the exterior materials make huge differences in the appearance

The Esprit 240: Big-small living

Another popular Indigo Compact is the four-bedroom Esprit 240. Designed for narrow 10m-wide lots, the Esprit 240 packs a lot into a small space.

Simply altering the positioning of the windows, using different external materials and changing the design of the roof gives the Esprit 240 two very different looks.

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