Questions You May Have When Looking For Your Dream Home

If you have been dreaming about your perfect home, chances are there you have questions for home builders in Brisbane or home builders in Queensland. We here at Indigo Homes have answers. Let’s explore a few areas you might be wondering about. Planning Your Dream Home Before you can choose a builder, think about what you’re hoping to get out of your new home. Are you interested in house and land packages? Get clear on the basic desires. Try creating a vision board to help collect your thoughts.

Consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family needs but don’t’ forget you might want space to grow into, like a hobby room or additional office. Your home builder can work with you on creating the perfect yard so be sure to map out how much space you envision. Is your family big on bulky sports equipment, like Kayaks? This will require storage space planning. Once you have the basics mapped out you can begin to narrow down all of your desires.

How to Choose the Right Home Builder There are a few types of builders.

Small team builders are often just getting started in the industry. Not to say they don’t have the experience, but they may only produce a few homes per year. Especially in comparison to a high end home builder. They work best for clients on a tight budget.

Another type of home builder is the production home builder. If you are looking at new homes, Brisbane production builders are an option. But, they offer minimal customization. The plans are pretty concrete so you should display to visit display homes, Gold Coast in person or via a virtual tour to make sure it’s what you are looking for. A high end home builder will be more expensive, but they provide options the others can and will not. They understand how to create a home full of prestige and class so the higher ticket price of a quality home built by a high end builder might shock you.

Understand the Difference between an Architect and a Home Designer

When beginning your journey it can be confusing to distinguish between an architect and a home designer. They both serve specific needs, but there is a large difference between then. Architects are formally educated and come with loads of practical on-the-job experience. They are professionally licensed and must meet a strict set of standards and meet various codes. They bring knowledge on design theory, project management and engineering. In display homes, Gold Coast architects can show off their skills by allowing future home owners to see how their blueprints come to life.

A home designer is not mandated to be formally educated and does not require licensing. That being said, they are often chosen for smaller additions to homes because they often have a flair for adding functionality and aesthetics. Their final designs will need to meet the same regulations as the architects, so an inexperienced home designer might not be the best choice in some situations

Do you have questions about home building or are looking for new homes Brisbane area or Queensland?? Give us a call today at Indigo Homes and we will be happy to help you with all of your questions and get you comfortable with the idea of buying or building your dream home.

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