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A house and land package is a dream come true for many of us. In fact, our team at Indigo Homes has already helped thousands of Queenslanders to turn their dream into a reality! It is what we do and we are proud of it. But the single most important aspect for us is what we call the “Wow factor” as soon as our customers walk into their new quality homes. It is not only a sense of accomplishment for getting the job done, but also the joy of seeing a smile on people’s faces while they are amazed by all the features of their new house.


But the question remains: what is the fascination and what can people expect from buying a house and land package with us? What dazzles people? What makes them say “Wow”! Great job, you made my dream come true!”?!


Well, first of all, house and land packages are a niche market tailored to a very specific group of real estate buyers that want to plan every single aspect of it according to their own needs and participate in the design process.


 What this means is that, first and foremost, you need to set your needs and budget and your house will fit your own requirements. You won’t have to compromise more than your budget! A house and land package really revolve around you and your family needs.


But what really matters the most to us at Indigo Homes is the sense of joy and excitement of our customers as soon as they step in their new home and see all the customised details they asked for, the materials and all the space they will have and be able to take advantage of!


One of the biggest advantages that every single customer is looking for when buying a new house and land package is that they can fit it out with newer technology. There’s an endless array of advanced technology and appliances, like electrical wiring, HVAC’s or sound systems, just to name a few. This niche market is looking for innovation and high-efficiency components.  As soon as they walk in, every customer wants to test their new gadgets, almost like a child with a new toy!


Moreover, all this new technology combined with better construction techniques and high quality materials will eventually mean less maintenance costs. It is the ultimate flexibility in architecture and interior design.

Finally – and this is no longer a trend, but a market standard these days everywhere, not only here in Queensland – there is a real demand for eco-friendly materials by our customers and prospective clients. Being able to own a sustainable and eco-friendly property is a way to give back to nature and all our clients are really proud to take part in this effort.


If you want to be dazzled as well, we’ love to witness your “Wow factor” once you get in your new home! Contact Indigo Homes today and start dreaming about your future reality.

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